The Clark Covenant

We believe:

  • all students at all levels must learn their role as a citizen in a multicultural democracy.

  • all students at all levels can be successful when given access to the highest levels of curriculum in a variety of ways and environments.

  • learning is characterized by the active participation of all students at all levels. A constant feature of the learning process is its emphasis on manipulatives, teamwork, individual learning styles, multiculturalism, technology and applied learning.

  • learning should take place in a safe, comfortable, physically attractive environment and in an atmosphere of respect and fairness.

  • learning is maximized in small, intimate families composed of caring students and adults.

  • the role of the teacher is to guide learning through a variety of standards-based instructional strategies.

  • learning begins with commitment by all stakeholders to be on time and prepared.

  • learning develops the capacity for critical thought and effective communication by ensuring that all students at all levels learn to read, write, reflect and report.

  • learning is goal-oriented and develops a sense of personal commitment by all students at all levels to themselves, the school and community, our country , the global community.

  • the school, community and all stakeholders have the responsibility to address the academic, social, physical and psychological needs of all students.

  • all students have the right to be included in all community school activities.

  • the whole child is best developed when applied learning and fine arts are part of the core curriculum.

  • learning is improved when all stakeholders are represented in shared decision making.

  • life long learning is promoted by a school that serves its community and a community that serves its school.

  • it is the schoolograms.

  • assessment should drive instruction, be ongoing, foster individual learning styles and be demonstrable.

  • learning is improved when all stakeholder groups participate in and implement professional growth activities that are meaningful and relevant.
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